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Did you know that every track in OT is by Zack Mexico ?  

Niklas Carlsund Stockholm 

Dear Sirs! You are the best! Finally a band who playes for the joy of it, and not for some image or PR bullshit.

(But I hope you get rich and famous anyhow haha!)

I must say I was surprised - and many of us were - that you were so great when you played as an opening show before Future Islands in Stockholm!

We had no expectations. 

The thing with two drummers is a genius thing, especially since both of the drummers were so dynamic (not the least face wise!)    

- Niklas Carlsund Stockholm, Sweden

Gasmasks and Muumus 

"Gasmasks and Muumus" 


To the opera!  One of the shows I was anticipating most was seeing Zack Mexico frontman John Saturley's solo set at Fletcher Opera Theater.

 I had no idea what to expect, which frankly, excites me... especially knowing that someone with talent is about to stretch their boundaries.  Given the wild psych-indie of his band, you'd think an opera theater an odd setting for John.  Not necessarily.  His solo material ranges from downbeat versions of Zack Mex-type stuff to long-form spacey aberrations (and this space is a great one for experimental).  John didn't let down.  Show Pics and Review

Rained cats and dogs, power was cut on the stages and Zack Mexico performed a percussion only set 

Charleston Summer Shindig


It rained cats and dogs, power was cut on the stages, Zack Mexico performed a percussion only set.

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