Zack Mexico is a ferocious Psychedelic POP /Indie Rock band whose original songs are a collaboration of the technical prowess of multi-instrumentalist band members and their visceral love affair with creating music..   

In 2011 the North Carolina based Experimental Rock band Zack Mexico was formed in Kill Devil Hills by John Saturley, Jamie Brumbeloe, Joey LaFountaine and TJ Harrington.   

Sharing common interests and their passion for creating music; Matt Wentz joined Zack Mexico in 2012, Josh Martier and Stephen Brown  in 2014 and Tyler Byers in 2015. 

With two outstanding drummers, Joey LaFountaine and Josh Martier, Zack Mexico emerge from a slim and moving line of sand in the open Atlantic proving they are a force that can make some noise.

Notable Shows

Opened for Tim Reynolds and TR3 May 4, 2013

Opened for Future Islands Febuary 14, 2017 
Opened for Future Islands Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel May 25, 2017
Opened for Future Islands State Theatre of Ithaca May 26, 2017
Opened for Future Islands Danforth Music Hall May 27, 2017
Opened for Future Islands Stage AE May28, 2017
Opened for Future Islands Filmore Philadelphia May 29, 2017
Opened for Future Islands Jefferson Theater May 30, 2017
Opened for Future Islands The Orange Peel June 1, 2017
Opened for Future Islands Ponte Vedra Concert Hall June 2, 2017
Opened for Future Islands Vinyl Music Hall June 3, 2017 

10 Country Europe/UK Tour
Future Islands "The Far Field" Oct-Nov 2017

Opened for Future Islands Vilnius, Lithuania Compensa Arena 10/26/17 
Opened for Future Islands Tallinn, Estonia Rock Cafe 10/27/17 

Opened for Future Islands Helsinki, Finland The Circus 10/29/17 
Opened for Future Islands Stockholm, SE Münchenbryggeriet 10/31/17
Opened for Future Islands Gothenburg, SE Pustervik 11/1/17
Opened for Future Islands Gothenburg, SE Pustervik 11/2/17
Opened for Future Islands Copenhagen, DK Tap 1 11/3/17
Opened for Future Islands Oslo, NO  Sentrum Scene 11/4/17
Opened for Future Islands Hamburg, DE Prinzenbar Docks 11/6/17
Opened for Future Islands Munich, DE Theaterfabrik 11/8/17
Opened for Future Islands Luxembourg, LU Den Atelier 11/9/17
Opened for Future Islands Brussels, BE Ancienne Belgique 11/10/17
Opened for Future Islands Brussels, BE Ancienne Belgique 11/11/17
Opened for Future Islands Amsterdam, NL Paradiso 11/13/17
Opened for Future Islands Amsterdam, NL Paradiso 11/14/17 
Opened for Future Islands Strasbourg, FR La Laiterie 11/16/17
Opened for Future Islands Feyzin, FR L'Epicerie Moderne 11/17/17
Opened for Future Islands Lille, FR L'Aéronef 11/18/17 
Opened for Future Islands London, UK O2 Academy Brixton 11/20/17 
Opened for Future Islands London, UK O2 Academy Brixton 11/21/17 
Opened for Future Islands London, UK O2 Academy Brixton 11/22/17
Opened for Future Islands Manchester, UK 02 Apollo 11/24/17
Opened for Future Islands Bournemouth, UK O2 Academy 11/25/17
Opened for Future Islands Norwich, UK UEA 11/26/17

Benefit Concerts

Helping Hands Concert Series October 18, 2013
Alzheimer's Foundation Of America Foundation June 21, 2013
Let's Can Hunger 2015

Quotes and Reviews

A new-ish outfit from the Outer Banks of N.C., Zack Mexico’s wiry and agile rock courts ’90s indie hallmarks, but maintains an undercurrent of ’60s surf and pristine pop. In other words, imagine Polvo as musical Z-Boys surfing Pavement waves with James Mercer calling the shots. “Weird Reef” offers perhaps the best encapsulation, shuffling like a Ventures ballad while guitars wind and meander across a moody backdrop of ringing chords and slack vocals. It’s not only a disarming drift; like a strong undertow, it’ll carry you off without warning  
- Paste Magazine Bryan C. Reed

A scene has erupted in the area that feels like transmuted takes on surf rock, all taken into vastly different sonic territories. The sounds of Zack Mexico started out as stoner-psych surf and have morphed into something vaguely reminiscent of Frank Zappa. 
- Jordan Lawrence

A few days before Hopscotch, I gave my "shows to see" recommendations, and they were:   - Zack Mexico.   

Yeah, that was it.  And man-oh-man, did they live up to it.  I'm biased:  they're probably my favorite NC band.  But if this night was any indication, that club just gained a lot of new members.  Frontman John Saturley had been across the country for months, and the band had only recently re-united for a few rehearsals in the days before Hopscotch.  But you'd never have known it 

.- How Strange It Is To Be Anything At All 

This past weekend the annual Hopscotch music festival took place city-wide in Raleigh, NC.  Zack Mexico smashed guitars and left us all feeling like we survived something spectacularly crazy.
. - The Wild Honey Pie  

Not many bands are invited back to Hopscotch year after year. Zack Mexico is one of the few, and that’s because their raucous performances have earned them a level of notoriety that draws a huge crowd. From throwing guitars into the rafters of the Contemporary Art Museum in 2012 to stripping down and donning dresses at Deep South last year, Zack Mexico certainly knows how to elevate their brand   

- WRAL Jake Seaton